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Just A Bit More Bits

Life is What Happens

In Costa Rica  and in Canada our lives change.

We are still producing pepper and still marketing pepper.

Our focus - to produce quality products. 


Government regulations sometimes become a factor in decisions.


The focus has always been on small farm sustainability.  Without the consumer support it is fight now many can win.  Consumers must know the important role they play in a small farms sustainability.


Maybe my role will change to promoter, teacher, informant so that the consumer realizes what is at stake when we no longer have small farms to turn to.   We can see what has happened in Canada.  Costa Rica too has it's share of big farming, for instance "Dole, DeMonte". 


Connecting the producer with the consumer.  Always has been our motto.

The responsibility of Orchard del Sol as producers who strive for quality is now to incorporate other small land owners so they to can find sustainability. 

Diversity is the key. Micro farms need to stay focused and informed.

Orchards del Sol is growing.  Whole Natural Flavors is helping.



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