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Orchard del Sol Costa Rica Whole Black Peppercorns Black Pepper

Coffee Harvest

 Coffee in Bloom 

Orchards del Sol Costa Rica

Black Pepper ~ Cacao ~ Spices

Producing products ecologically & ethically.

Whole Natural Flavors 

Product Developers ~ Marketers

Focus? Whole and natural foods.

Gluten ~ Nut ~ Dairy Free

No Refined Sugars or Fructose

No Isolated Proteins

​Energy First

Our 100% pure cacao is more than just a dark chocolate flavor.

It is a boost of energy & protein.

Ask About Our Cocoa Beverage


Orchards del Sol Costa Rica - The End of our coffee story.

For several years now the small amount of coffee we did produce was given to Ramon and his family.

2022 found us eliminating the coffee trees that were planted in 1998.

I could not delete the beautiful pictures that we had collected over the years.

Please enjoy the memories we have to share.

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