Whole Natural Flavors & Orchards del Sol

Humble Beginnings

Costa Rica ~ Orchard del So

Connecting Producers to Consumers


Whole Natural Flavors & Orchard del Sol. Quality products produced

ecologically and ethically

Today, more than 20 years later, you  find some of the finest quality

black peppercorns in the world.

And The Rest of the Story

Ramon, Eduardo and many faithful employees are at the core of Orchard del Sol.  Carole Thomas is the driving force behind the connection between Whole Natural Flavors and Orchard del Sol. Nearly 25 years of true dedication have gone into the sustain-ability of this micro farm.

Guests have enjoyed the visit and experience.

~ Forward to 2017 ~

Orchards del Sol are a select few producers who have benefited from the connection between Whole Natural Flavors and Orchard del Sol.

Where to From Here?

After 12 active years with the Saskatoon Farmer's Market we have chose to not be active.  We look towards our old and new customers who have supported us to market our products.   

Local trade shows provide us with exposure as we continue to provide quality products.

~ 2017 ~

Changes are in the works.  Orchard del Sol hosted guests for 18 years.  After a 5 year sabbatical, once again Carole would like to share the unique lifestyle she enjoys.

Guest stays are available

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