Fresh Clean Flavors!
Peppery Greek Herb 'n Spice makes a great all purpose salad dressing.  
Lemon Infused Pepper Seasoning and Rub can be used for marinading veggies, pork, fish, or chicken as well as adding zest to any basic oil and vinegar blend.
Holy Smok'n Chili Mole' makes a great dip of spread.  Just add an equal part of cream cheese to the basic recipe.

Blends for All Occasions ~ Basic Recipe

  • Add 1 tsp. of any one of these great seasonings with this basic simple duo:

    • Equal parts of olive oil and plain yogurt. Add a fresh clove of garlic and a dash vinegar and salt to bring added life to your creation.  

    Charge the quality of foods you eat and serve.